8A Plywood / Veneer Hog

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Available Sizes:


8A – 18” |   7 ton capacity | 30-50hp

8A – 30” | 11 ton capacity | 50-75hp

8A – 42” | 15 ton capacity | 60-100 hp


The Globe Machine 8A Hog is a plywood/veneer hogging head comprising material feedworks (adjustable lower feed roll and upper 'Crusher' roll) and a flexible shaft-driven rotor knife assembly connected to a gear reduced electric motor.


Material is carried to the 8A Hog via infeed belt conveyor. Once reaching the Hog feedworks, material is pulled into the machine by the bottom feed roll and overhead 'Crusher' roll.



The Hog feedworks pull material into the rotor knife assembly (hogging head). Rotating blades, mounted on cast and machined rotors, force incoming material past a machined anvil, reducing all material to the desired uniform particle size. After processing (hogging), the material is carried from the 8A Hog by a pneumatic or mechanical conveyor.



• Driven Spline Feed Roll


• Driven Crusher Roll


• Feed Drive Pulley Supplied


• Unbreakable Fly Wheel


• Heavy Fabricated Steel Housing


• Heavy Cast Steel Heads


• “V” Shaped Knives


• Anvils rotate 8 Sides for wear


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