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Drop Down Pan




Drop Down Pans

The glue pan on original Globe  glue spreaders was difficult to access for maintenance and cleaning.

The swing-down design enables easier access for your crew, and the ability to get old glue out of every nook and cranny.  This option is standard on new machines, and can be retrofitted to older style Globe glue spreaders.


The Globe Tankless option is available for spreaders where foam-type glues will be used.  The spreaders have been adapted to prevent glue from entering the area between the frame and the rollers, allowing for less maintenance and easier clean-up.



At Globe Machine, every system is customized to the customer's needs.  In this example, a customized delivery tray was designed to work with the glue spreader.  The tray drops down for easy maintenance after use.




If your existing machine has "good bones," it is sometimes more economical to consider refurbishing rather than replacing.  Worn parts can be replaced, rust can be removed allowing for a new paint job.  This is the time to decide if you want to retrofit to newer features.

Globe Glue Spreaders are preferred by companies who expect quality while  obtaining even and measured glue spread.


More than 800 Globe Glue Spreaders are in service.


Globe Glue Spreaders have proven to be successful in spreading top, bottom, or both sides of veneer in varying thicknesses over rough peel and “thick and thin”. The Globe Spreader is adaptable for use in any lay-up line and has reduced glue line costs and glue waste.

Features & Options

Glue Rolls

  • Grooved to Specifications
  • 60-65 Durometer, Dual Durometer, or Soft Rubber

Glue Roll Bearings

  • Ball type, mounted in cast iron housing

Doctor Rolls

  • Precision adjustment thru gear drive
  • Simultaneous adjustment of each roll
  • Available straight, single taper, or double taper
  • Manual crank or optional air doctoring

Bottom Glue Roll

  • Mounted on coil spring for fast recovery and better speed control

Conversions available

  • Tank-less
  • Drop-down tank

Also available

  • Customized outfeeds

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