Core Inserters and Shaft Pullers

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Core staged for insertion

Shaft being inserted into the core

Shaft being pulled from wound roll

V-track that helps guide the shaft

Extracted shaft waiting for repositioning

Inside paper, toilet paper, tissue, and napkin producing  factories, part of the manufacturing process includes winding the initially fabricated product onto thick, heavy-duty cardboard tubes referred to as cores.  To enable the core to spin, a metal shaft must be inserted into the core.  Sometimes this shaft is also used along with a hoist to relocate the roll.


In many facilities, a longer shaft is strung through multiple cores.  These become known as a "core set", until they are wound with tissue after which they are referred to as a "roll set".

Once the metal shaft has served its purpose, it is removed through the use of the shaft pulling mechanism.


The heavy shaft horizontally slides on a set of "v" positioned rollers until it settles on the cart while the machine resets its position and prepares to re-insert the shaft into the next empty core.


The inserter and puller are only two of the many components that synchronize together to complete the cycle.  Other components may be, but are not limited to, elevator hoists, robotic core handlers, shuttle carts, anti-tip mechanisms, inflate / deflate systems, tilters, and conveyors.

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