MDF and Particle Board Production Equipment

Sold by Globe

Blow Detectors*

Board Breakers

Computer Setworks


   Belt Conveyors

   Chain Conveyors

   Roll Conveyors —

      Gravity Roll Conveyors

      Powered Roll Conveyors

   Trough Conveyors

Coolers —

   Horizontal Wicket Coolers

   Rotary Coolers

   Vertical Coolers

Cover Sheet Systems


   Neg-Air Feeders

   Rake Feeders

   Vacuum Feeders

Thickness Gauges*


InkJet Markers*

Laser Overlays


Llft Tables

Panel Turners



   1st Pass Trim Saws

   2nd Pass Trim Saws

   Multi-Rip Saws

   Flying Cut-Off Saws

   Book/Beam Saws*

   Pre-Trim Saws


Stack Builders

Stack Storage Retrieval


Stack Turners


   Emergency Stackers

   Gradeline Stackers

   Selection Stackers

Stencil Machines


Transport Carts


* Integrated Supply from Other Manufacturers

Experts in the field...

Finishing lines tend to present a distinct challenge in trying to optimize a system to meet building and budget restraints while also meeting the processing requirements. The sales staff at Globe are experts in this field and will match detailed specifications with innovative layouts to produce the perfect solution.

Globe Finishing Lines For MDF and Particle Board Plants

The requirements for board handling and processing after the press are becoming ever more demanding as presses get larger and faster and the customer base becomes ever more demanding of quality. Finishing lines have to take the raw boards from the press and process them through cooling, storage, sanding, sawing, and packaging with efficiency and reliability. Globe designs and manufactures fully integrated lines to include any or all of these operations.


All of our machinery and handling equipment (both both the Globe and Burelbach names) is now manufactured at our 200,000 square foot facility in Tacoma, WA.  Over the years Globe has built a particular reputation for high speed saw lines, and our latest computer controlled models are installed in some of the world's newest MDF plants cutting thin board from continuous presses.


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