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Click on any of the titles in the chart below to view various sized robot cells and the tasks they are designed to complete. (Click a second time to close the expanded window.)

Basic robot prior to being fitted with a specifically designed application head.

  • Pulp and Paper: Robotic Heading

    Robotic Heading components are one aspect of a synchronized kraft roll wrapping system.  The robot cell picks up an end piece, rotates to pick up a second end, then places both items into the press system (shown left) where they are released.

  • Pulp and Paper: Core Handling

    Core handling robot cells are used for staging cores within a production line, and can also be used for moving them to different levels in the plant.  Note how size may vary depending on application.

  • Pulp and Paper:  Label Application

    This smaller robot cell is programmed to pick a printed label off the label generating machine (shown on the picture to the left), and place it onto a designated area of the roll next to it.  Note the sensor on the robotic head that helps with location and placement.

  • Building Products: Robotic Crating

    Programmed to assist building crates, the head on this robot cell picks the side and top components of an "unbuilt" crate, placing them around previously stacked panels in a specific sequence, after which the bundle is moved on to a banding station.

  • Building Products: Poly-Patch Repair

    Please visit our

    Robotic Panel Repair page for more information on the Poly-Patch system.

Globe Machine uses FANUC robotic cells in its automated applications.

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